Purr therapy for human well-being

Purr therapy for human well-being

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What if the cat's purring is good for us?

Let's see how this unifying and empathetic animal does us good ...

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Why is the cat purring?

Purring is produced by the vibration of muscles located in the diaphragm of the cat. This process is unique to felines.

  • The cat purrs to inform her cubs that they are safe. Kittens purr with pleasure when they suckle their mothers. All these purrs allow the secretion of pheromones which creates a climate of security. Cats will seek all their lives to recreate this reassuring setting.
  • The cat purrs submissively when confronted with an aggressive congener. It thus defuses a conflictual situation.
  • The cat purrs with satisfaction if it is in harmony with its owner. Often it rubs against it or in certain places of the house to deposit territorial pheromones.
  • The cat purrs near a tired or sick person to soothe and relax them.
  • According to some theories, the cat purrs to rock. These sound vibrations are transmitted to the brain which releases endorphins. These hormones would help relieve his pain and speed up his healing.

What is ponontherapy?

Purr therapy is a natural stress reliever that allows you to be soothed and relaxed. Listening to a cat purring makes us secrete serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

According to veterinarian Jean-Yves Gauchet, the low frequencies of purring (20 to 50 hertz) cause an afference (or sensory information) at the base of each of our hairs.

This reaction causes a nerve flow to the brain which produces endorphin. The pleasure and well-being provided by the purring are then immediate.

The power of purring therapy

According to studies, people in contact with a cat have seen a drop in hypertension, a decrease in cardiovascular disease and an end to anxiety attacks.

  • Purring can help you sleep better, feel calm, and fight depression.
  • Science is interested in this sound phenomenon, because its low frequencies are identical to those of physiotherapy devices which relieve tendonitis, broken bones, damaged muscles and which accelerate healing. Of course, these studies are still in their infancy, but they represent great hope. A cat healsthree times faster than any other animal.

Did you know ?

"In ancient times, cats were considered psycho-bridges, for they came near dying people to purr and keep them warm. In this way, they accompanied souls to go to paradise. This is found in all civilizations whether in America, Asia or Africa. "

About Bernard Werber

Where to benefit from purring therapy?

  • Cat bars:

This concept allows you to drink tea and taste a pastry while being surrounded by a cat. It is possible to stroke them and enjoy their magical purrs. This interaction brings a certain well-being and often allows for enriching encounters.

  • For the recognized virtues of purring therapy:

Retirement homes, schools, hospitals, sophrology and psychology practices where cats work for the well-being of all.

Welcoming a cat into its home to enjoy its purring on a daily basis.

Smart advice

  • Having a cat at home helps babies reduce the risk of allergies to hair, herbs and dust mites.
  • You can learn more about purr therapy by reading Jean-Yves Gauchet's book "My cat and I take care of each other! »

To meditate : "Nothing is softer, nothing makes the skin feel more delicate, more refined, more rare than the warm, vibrant coat of a cat. "

Guy de Maupassant


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