What are flower bulbs?

What are flower bulbs?

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The world of flowers is particularly colorful and large. A large portion of these lucky charms are flower bulbs.

But what are flower bulbs, in fact, and what makes them so special?

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Bulb growth process

Cut flowers and flower bulbs, what's the difference? A large group of cut flowers are grown from the flower bulbs. These are flowers that grow from a bulb or tuber.

This growth process is special and fascinating. The flower is actually hidden in the middle of the bulb. From the small sphere grows a bud into one or more impressive flowers.

Seasonal flowers

Did you know that flower bulbs are real seasonal flowers? They are representative of spring and summer. Some are available in all seasons. This is because they are grown especially for you in greenhouses. This is where we simulate summer.

Simply put, do you literally want to get to know the seasons up close? So buy flower bulbs.

Spring flowers

Bulbs daffodils, hyacinths and grape hyacinth are the typical messengers of spring. But the best known is the bulb of tulip. Once in the vase, it becomes a living work of art.

Not only the flowers, but the stems also continue to grow.

Once in a warm house, the fascinating process begins immediately. The stems lift upwards, after which the button finally opens happily.

Summer bulbs

The Lily, callas, dahlias, gladioli and iris are real summer flowers. Dahlias and gladioli are not grown in greenhouses and are therefore only for sale in the summer.

Fortunately, flower growers know how to make these flower bulbs bloom very early in the season. Lilies, callas and irises are available year round. So you bring summer home any time of the year.

Smart tip about bulbs

Did you know that there are also potted bulbs? These are flower bulbs that are already planted in pots in the store. As they have undergone some treatment, they immediately begin to grow at home. You can see for yourself the beautiful process of growing from bulb to flower.

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