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Plant currants!

Plant currants!

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Tasty and rich in vitamins, currants are used to concoct delicious jellies.

Grow them in the garden!

Choosing the right currant

Before purchasing your plants of gooseberries, several criteria must be taken into account. The color of the fruits first: they can be red, white or pink.

The harvest date then which, depending on the varieties and your region, can be from the end of June to August.

In all cases, choose hardy varieties to avoid treatments and make your life easier.

Hardy and productive varieties

The "Fertile from Palluau" is a vigorous and productive shrub which gives at the beginning of July beautiful clusters of bright red fruits, tangy and particularly aromatic.

The "Junifer" also produces very fragrant red fruits at the beginning of July.

"Versaillaise", white or red, is a relatively vigorous and productive old variety. Around mid-July, it gives fruits with a mild flavor for the white variety; juicy fruits, perfectly suited to making jams, for the red variety.

The "Rollan" is a variety known for its resistance to disease. It produces red fruits from mid-July.

Planting and care

Install your plants from November to February (or in spring editor's note) in cool, humus-bearing soil (avoid limestone soils). Plan for a semi-shaded exposure. Plant each seedling with the crown flush. Backfill - adding compost - and water copiously. Mulch and water your plants regularly in summer, especially if it is hot and dry.

Once your shrub is in place, all you have to do is remove twigs over three years old every year. Make sure you clear the heart of the plant to let in light. As a preventive measure, spray your currants with plant extracts such as nettle or horsetail to strengthen their immune defenses. If powdery mildew appears, remove affected branches immediately.

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