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How to properly plant heather plants

How to properly plant heather plants

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Heather soil plants like acidic, cool, well-drained soils. Planting will be an important stage in the life of the plant.

After having been cultivated in a container at a nursery, the plant arrives in a new environment to which it will have to be adapted.

Carefully follow each of the steps presented below, and you will see that your plant will thrive perfectly!

Plant heather plants

  • Dig a hole 4 to 5 times the diameter of the root ball you are going to plant.
    Trees80 cm1 m
    Shrubs60 cm50 cm
  • Crumble up the soil that was removed, making sure there are no stony lumps or lumps of wood left.
  • Mix this soil with heather earth (1/3 earth and 2/3 heather earth).
  • Put the root ball in a bucket of water to rehydrate the soil and the roots of your plant.
  • Then, scratch the roots slightly and without damaging them to detach them from each other, because they are sometimes crossed.
  • Put a little organic granulated fertilizer special "heather soil plants" at the bottom of the hole.
  • Arrange your plant in the middle of the hole, taking care to spread the roots on the bottom. If the soil is too chalky, put a geotextile felt at the bottom of the hole to create a pit of heather earth
  • Fill the hole with the heather soil.
  • Tamp the soil lightly.
  • Water abundantly Smart tip for heather plants

For trees or shrubs over 1 m high, it is essential to put a stake!

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