Maintenance of Lucky bamboo

Maintenance of Lucky bamboo

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Lucky Bambou, which means Lucky Bamboo, has become a staple in our interiors.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Dracaena Sanderiana
Type : Houseplant
Height : 1.5 m
Exposure : Bright
Ground : Water then soil

: Persistent

Maintenance is easy and its lifespan can be extended thanks to the few treatments and actions that we show you.

Plant a lucky bamboo

The lucky bamboo must first develop its roots in water before being placed in the ground.

  • You will keep your foot in 5 cm of water until the plant has enough roots to be potted.
    It can easily take several months.
  • Once the plant is ready, place it in a pot filled with potting soil and water it generously and regularly.
  • It is quite possible to keep your plant in water as long as you want.

Lucky bamboo exhibition

It is important that the lucky bamboo has a good light but avoid direct sunlight behind glass.

In summer, avoid the proximity of a south-facing window and, in winter, that of radiators.

Appreciating light and a certain humidity, lucky bamboo is the ideal plant for a bathroom, provided it has a window and therefore natural light.

Maintenance of lucky bamboo

Remove wilted leaves as you go.

When he's in the water, change the water regularly, about 1 to 2 times a month. This helps restore organic matter when the water is dirty and depleted.

Apart from these few actions and a possible addition of fertilizer for green plants, the maintenance of lucky bamboo is quite simple.

Spraying the leaves with water is a good addition to watering, especially when the interior of your home is dry or near a radiator.

Lucky bamboo leaves turning yellow

This is often a lack of nutrients for the plant.

After developing, she needs more than nutrient material which it cannot find in water. Then put liquid fertilizer on it.

You then have the choice of either repotting it in potting soil or adding organic matter to the water with liquid fertilizer.

But even after you've planted your lucky bamboo in a pot, adding green plant food will revitalize your plant and improve its growth throughout the seasons.

To know about the lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo only has "bamboo" in the shape given to it because it not part of bamboo originating in Asia.

Lucky bamboo, also called "Chinese cane" is actually native to Africa.

But Asians and especially the Chinese are particularly fond of this plant.
According to Chinese tradition, the lucky bamboo brings luck to whoever receives it.

  • 3 stems for happiness

  • 5 stems for health

  • 7 stems for wealth

  • 8 stems for prosperity

Advice about lucky bamboo

By repotting your plant in potting soil, you will give it new youth while offering it greater longevity!

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