Ephemeral colors to warm up winter

Ephemeral colors to warm up winter

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Ephemeral colors to warm up winter

Poinsettia and hyacinth: two plants that have in common an explosion of color in the middle of winter.

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The poinsettia, come from the sun

Originally from Mexico, the poinsettia explodes into a multitude of colorful bracts, which earned it the nameChristmas star. No need to wait for the end of the year celebrations to treat yourself to one or more, varying the colors: red, green, white, pink, salmon, purple. It is the leaves that in poinsettia take on these vivid hues, the flowers being the little yellow balls that make up their center.

The poinsettia is a fragile plant, it fears the cold and drafts. Make sure it is well packaged for transport outside when you buy it, and don't pick a plant that is displayed near the store entrance, in the air.

To keep your poinsettia for several months, be sure towater without excess, only when the earth is dry, by immersing it in a container of lukewarm water - cold water drops its leaves - and then draining it so as not to leave standing water. Install it in a warm room (15-22 °), at the light without direct sunlight.

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Hyacinth, a taste of spring

With its superb flowering in pink, blue, purple, white, orange or yellow and its fresh scent, hyacinth is a concentrate of spring in the middle of winter!

This Dutch bulb is not not demanding : a little water every two days to keep the soil moist is enough for him, light or half-light does not matter to him.

The hyacinths flowers in December come from forced bulbs.

You'll find them potted at florists, but you can also make them yourself using a high-necked decanter. A fast growing experience appreciated by children.

Fill the vase with water to one centimeter from the edge and place your hyacinth bulb, point up, in it. Place it in a cool place without light until the leaves appear: your hyacinth is ready to see the light of day! Remember to replenish the water level as it grows.

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