Christmas tree: our tips for choosing it well!

Christmas tree: our tips for choosing it well!

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Like every year, you will choose your Christmas tree and thus make the happiness of young and old.

If decoration is important and it is a real joy to share with family, friends or colleagues, another moment is eagerly awaited: the choice of the tree!

The most common Christmas tree

The nordmann dethroned in recent years the famous spruce.

The spruce was until then the historic Christmas tree, but the robustness of the nordmann and especially the fact that he don't lose your needles have made him a favorite tree.

Even though it has little odor, it is one of the sure values Christmas parties!

We will also find other interesting varieties and a little less widespread:

  • Omorika, appreciated for its silvery reflections

  • Nobilis with bluish reflections

  • Korean with green and silver foliage

  • Grows characterized by its density and the smell it gives off

  • Pungens with long, pungent and very fragrant auguilles.

Different ways to buy a Christmas tree

Christmas tree cut at the base:

it is the most popular form, certainly because it is the most practical and the least bulky.

  • Ideal when living in an apartment
  • Allows easy transport
  • Can be fixed on a log cut in half and drilled with a hole of the same diameter as the base of the tree
  • Cannot be replanted in the garden

Christmas tree in container:

The container tree is the only tree that can be replanted in the garden and it is often for this reason that it is chosen.

  • More cumbersome to transport, it nevertheless holds well in place
  • Can be watered and therefore loses its thorns much less
  • Can be replanted in the garden according to the advice given at the bottom of this page

Choose between a natural or artificial tree

The natural fir has the advantage of being respectful of our planet. In addition to the fact that it has to be transported to bring it home, it is produced for Christmas use.

  • He grew up in a natural environment

  • It helps promote the ecosystem.

  • It is 100% biodegradable

The artificial tree "Uses materials frompetroleum industry and, whether in manufacturing or recycling, they use non-renewable materials and therefore pollute our earth.

Is it bad to cut young trees for Christmas?

No because it is not about "deforestation" because they are fir trees from cultivated forests by humans and exclusively intended for Christmas.

Replant a Christmas tree in your garden

Yes, if ‘he was bought in jar and therefore in roots. It is quite possible to put it in the ground after Christmas.

However, it will not have been in your house for too long.
Plant it just after the holidays and preferably outside of frost periods.

By replanting your tree and reusing it the following year, you are doing a great gesture for the environment.

  • Find our tips for successful planting

Smart tip about the Christmas tree

It is very important, after using it, to put your tree in a recycling place.

The recycling center will be perfect if no other place has been provided for this by your municipality.

It will thus be used for fertilization lands.

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